TurboCAD Mac Deluxe v10 & PowerPack Bundle


More Powerful 2D/3D CAD Solution

TurboCAD Mac Deluxe & PowerPack Bundle includes all the powerful 2D drafting and ACIS 3D modeling of TurboCAD Mac Deluxe, plus additional tools for mesh/entity verification and repair, and general utility features to better manage CAD data.



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TurboCAD Mac Deluxe with Extended Power

TurboCAD® Mac Deluxe & PowerPack Bundle combines the powerful 2D/3D precision design, drafting, and modeling tools in TurboCAD Mac Deluxe with the extended functionality in PowerPack to validate parts for 3D Printing, mesh/entity verification and repair, and general utility features to better manage CAD data. It’s perfect for architects, engineers, designers and more.

  • Complete 2D/3D Design – Intuitive 2D/3D design tools, easy editing tools, text and dimensioning tools translate ideas into reality. Plus save time with over 11,000 pre-drawn symbols included.
  • Architectural Design – Easily create floor plans with the drafting assistant or choose from 1,000 included pre-drawn plans. Insert parametric doors and windows into self-healing, auto-dimensioning walls with tools for precise placement.
  • Mesh, Surface, and ACIS® Solid Modeling – Quickly create 3D objects using powerful mesh modeling, surface modeling, and ACIS® solid modeling tools. Snaps and alignment aids ensure accuracy.
  • CAD & Graphic Compatibility – Get support for popular industry-standard file formats including New AutoCAD® 2013-2014 .DWG/ .DXF, Adobe® Illustrator, 3DS, ACIS®, SAT, PDF, and many more.
  • 3D Printing Tools – 3D Printing tools check and prepare a part for 3D Printing. Example tools include an overall 3D print check, slice preview, overhang and wall thickness analysis, and surface normals check.
  • Mesh, Curve, Surface, and Solid Modeling Tools – Rapidly increase your productivity with this collection of tools to verify and repair mesh, curves, surfaces, and solids.
  • General Tools to Better Manage CAD Data – A collection of tools for manipulating entity attributes.


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