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How Do I Change Between User Interfaces



In the later versions of TurboCAD there is three different user interfaces available: TurboCAD Classic, Default and Custom. I will now explain to you how to change between these user interfaces.


We’ve often get the query from our experienced TurboCAD users after upgrading. “The user interface is very different than what they are used to”.


The good news is that you can change between these user interfaces and always have the option to set it to the old familiar​​ “TurboCAD Classic”​​ lighter interface.


To change between these user interfaces:


  • Open any drawing or template.


  • Click on drop down menu “View” > “Toolbars”.


  • Click on​​ the​​ “Options” at the top left of the “Customise” window that opens.


  • Click on the “Styles and Themes” tab.


  • Select the user interface theme you prefer.


TurboCAD classic




Custom Theme


  • Now you can close all the pop up windows.

How Do I Manage Viewports

Model Space to Paper Space


Model space is the space you use to create your drawing on. Paper space is the space​​ where you scale your drawing​​ for printing. Always draw full scale​​ (1:1)​​ on the model space then scale the drawing in paper space.​​ ​​ 

After a drawing has been created in the model space you first have to create a viewport of the drawing​​ to insert into​​ paper space.


Use the following steps to create a view of a drawing created in model space:


  • Click on drop-down menu “View” and then click on “Named​​ Views”​​ and select “Create View” from the fly-out.

  • Now cover the entire view required in the selection rectangle by clicking once with​​ the mouse button​​ to start the rectangle, and then clicking again to finish the rectangle.


  • The create named view window will pop up, insert a name for the view in the “View Name” field and press O.K.

 ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​​​ 


You can create as many views as you want from the model space to add on to the paper space.


  • Go to the paper space by clicking on the paper space tag at the bottom left of your screen.​​ ​​ The blank paper that is shown is the area you will print from (Paper space).​​ 

  • To insert a viewport on to your paper space click​​ on drop-down menu “View” and click on​​ “Viewport”​​ and select “Viewport’ on the fly-out.