TurboCAD 2022 – Feature Comparison

TurboCAD 2022 Feature Comparison

 Quickly see the feature differences of TurboCAD Platinum, TurboCAD Professional, TurboCAD Deluxe, and TurboCAD Designer.

New & Improved Features (includes over 500+ bug fixes)
Platinum Professional Deluxe Designer
Platinum 2020 Pro 2020 Deluxe 2020 Designer 2020
Performance, User Interface and Usability
Keyboard Report Enhancement. Added icons, local menu description, dark theme
‘New option “Keep Size” in the 2D and 3D Selector Local menus
‘New option “Highlight selection in renders” in Program Setup, Preferences
Render Studio Enhancement. (Support UI Scale, layout update etc.)
Search option for Program Setup and Drawing Setup
‘Selection Information Highlight Improvement
‘Toggle Selection Highlighting
Undo Manager Palette
2D Drafting and Editing
‘Ability to interrupt GDI wireframe draw
‘Smart Dimension tool
3D Modeling and Design
‘Associative intersections
‘Associative sections
‘Surface on Face: New option “Offset”
‘Updated ACIS® Solid Modeling Engine (Booleans, blends, shelling)
Rendering and Visualization
‘TurboLux. Physical Based Renderer
‘TurboLux. Support of Caustics and a Denoiser
‘TurboLux, ‘800+ New, fully editable materials
‘Visualize. Cutting plane
‘Visualize. Auto update current view
‘cREO 8, SolidWorks 2022, ParaSolid 34, SolidEdge 2022, NX 1980,CATIA v5-5
‘Visualize. Camera Extended Parameters
Support R2022 Interop from Spatial
CREO 8, SolidWorks 2022, ParaSolid 34, SolidEdge 2022, NX 1980,CATIA v5-5
Architecture Tools
‘AEC grid improvement: new property “keep label value”
‘AEC Radial Grid
‘Roof improvement:different overhangs for each side of the roof or a portion
‘Slab Edge Styles Support
‘Wall/window/door tools improvement: “Anchor to AEC Grid”

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