3D Printed Parts for 1950 Fiat 500

Something old, something new. Some time ago a mutual friend of ours who is a fanatic car restorer, complained that he was unable to find an “air vent” for his 1950’s Fiat 500 car under restoration. We suggested to him that for an interim measure the broken air vent could be replaced with 3D printed replacement elements until such time an original part/s could be found. The existing air vent were measured and then modelled in 3D using TurboCAD 2016 Pro Platinum. With a few minor adjustments to the original design (to make provision for 3D printing) a whole new set of parts were printed. Once fitted it worked better than the original part. Here is the models used for 3D printing. Stefan Janse van Rensburg and Emile Nel (TurboCAD users)]]>