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SectionCalc 4.0

SectionCalc 4.0


Automate Section Property Calculations

SectionCalc is an automated geometrical calculation technology that allows users to receive instantaneous section property information.





The Challenge:

Users of popular CAD applications have to take time-consuming tedious steps – such as re-aligning co-ordinates, writing macros, or consolidating regions – when calculating often needed section properties.

Our Solution:

SectionCalc 4.0 is breakthrough “training free” wizard that enables users to obtain fourteen (14) vital section properties of any imaginable section created in any popular CAD application using a few mouse clicks.

The 14 section properties simultaneously calculated by SectionCalc 4.0 in one step are:

  • Area
  • Centroid location
  • Perimeter
  • Moments of Inertia (Ixx and Iyy)
  • Product of Inertia (Ixy)
  • Polar Moments of Inertia (Jz)
  • Distance of neutral axis from extremes (Cx and Cy)
  • Radius of gyration (Kx and Ky)
  • Section Modulii (Sx and Sy)