All TurboCAD Upgrades at less 15%

All TurboCAD upgrades at less 15%

Upgrade your TurboCAD to the newest version at 15% less than our normal price until 15 Decemeber 2017. See prices below. Use reference number SUM-UPGR when requesting a quote to make use of this special.

TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2017

Upgrade from 2016 Pro/Plat: R3 570 (Save R630) Upgrade from 2015 Pro/Plat: R4 760 (Save R840) Upgarde from V19 – V21 Pro/Plat: R5 950 (Save R1 050) Upgrade from Pre-V19 Pro/Plat: R11 900 (save R2 100) Upgrade from Deluxe or LTE: R15 470 (Save R2 730)

TurboCAD Expert 2017

Upgrade from Deluxe or LTE: R3 570 (Save R630) Upgrade from LTE Pro: R2 380 (Save R420)

TurboCAD Deluxe 2017

Upgrade from Deluxe 2015, 2016: R835 (Save R145) Upgarde from Deluxe V19 – V21: R955 (Save R165) Upgrade from Pre-V19 Deluxe: R1 050 (save R182)

Special only valid until 15 December 2017.