FloorPlan 2020 Comparison Chart

FloorPlan 2020 Comparison Chart

Get a quick overview of FloorPlan 2020 features by product level.

Below you can view the key differences of FloorPlan Pro, Deluxe & Instant Architect for Windows OS.

FloorPlan 2020 Pro 2020 Deluxe 2020 Instant Architect
New Features
360o Online Viewer
64-bit Version
3D Customer Workshop Pro
Callout Tool
LightWorks® Photorealistic rendering
2D Fill Patterns
Fill Pattern Library
Export support of OBJ and STL
Level Lines
Line Styles
Note Markers
Plan Labels
Window and Door Labels
2D House Plans 500 250 250
Home Design
Advanced 2D Drawing Engine
Custom Rich Text
Material Editor
Window Shutters
3D Cutaway Tool
Double Doors and Mounting Options
Advanced Floor Management 6 floors 4 Floors 4 Floors
Floor Plan Trace
1-Click Custom Room Additions
Online Training Center
Foundation Planner
HVAC Planner
Electrical Planner
Estimator with Room Estimating
Instant 3D Views
Automatic and Custom Roof Tools
Aerial Room View (3D)
Metric and Imperial Measurements
Curved Wall Tool
Room Addition Tool
Interior Design
Included 3D Objects* 5469
Over 7640+ Materials
Column Tool
3D Custom Workshop
Decorator Palette
Accessories / Window Treatments
Décor Column Tool
Cabinet Tool
Landscape Design
2D Plant Symbols
Customizable Plant Sizing
Over 4000+ Plants
Landscape and Patio Groupings
Topography Tools
Deck Layout Tools
IntelliDeck Tools
Plant Inventory Bar
Plant Fill
Irrigation Tools
Custom Edging and Bed Borders
Outdoor Kitchen Custom Cabinets
Global Sun Positioning
Fence Designer
Other Features
Enhanced Import Sketch Up, 3DS
Lightworks™ Photo Rendering Tools and Controls
Library Navigation and Preview Control
Interface Color Customization
3D Panning
Download Packs for 3D Objects, textures and more
Point Selection Highlight Guides
Drag and Drop into 3D
Multiple Monitor Support
Elevation Editor
Import DXF/DWG (floor plans only)
Export DXF/DWG
2D Symbol Library
Selection Filter
3D Panning
3D Animation
Room View
Saved 3D Viewpoints

FloorPlan 2020 Products

Very few home design applications on the market are as easy to use and full of features as FloorPlan Home & Landscape Design software. Whether you are a beginner or advanced user, FloorPlan can help you plan or redesign your home, so it is exactly the way you want it to be. View our FloorPlan 2020 product range below: