How Do I Switch AutoCAD Work Alike Off

In the newer versions of TurboCAD Professional you have the function to switch to a 2D AutoCAD work alike mode.

We often find that our experienced TurboCAD users have trouble​​ when this is switched on​​ when upgrading. Not to worry, switching to and from this mode is a simple setting.

I will now explain​​ how to switch the AutoCAD work alike​​ mode off.

  • Open any drawing or template in TurboCAD.
  • Click on drop down menu “View” > “Toolbars”.
  • Click on the “Options” at the top left of the “Customise” window that opens.
  • Change the “Default style” by clicking on the drop down arrow next to “LTE workspace” under “Workspace”.
  • Click on “Default workspace” to change the style to the normal TurboCAD mode.
  • Now you can close all the pop up windows.

To switch on the AutoCAD work alike mode, select LTE workspace in step 4.