Software Compatibility with Windows 10

Software Compatibility with Windows 10 After receiving regular questions regarding older TurboCAD versions’ compatibility with Windows 10, I did some research and I came across this interesting article below. It is from a blog on written in 2015. We are starting to get lots of questions from our users regarding the compatibility of TurboCAD, DesignCAD, TurboFloorPlan, and our other software titles with the Windows 10 operating System from Microsoft. The short answer to this question is that all of the current versions of TurboCAD, 2015 and v7 for the LTE products have been tested as compatible with Windows 10. Earlier versions of TurboCAD, v 19 –v21, should also run without any issues; however, we’ve not put those to testing as we have current versions. Basically, Windows 10 can run all traditional Windows desktop applications. Windows 10 is very similar to Windows 8, and Windows 8 in turn was very similar to Windows 7. Accordingly, there’s no big security model or driver architecture changes in 10, compared to moving from Windows XP to Windows Vista, or Windows XP to Windows 7. In other words, if your desktop software runs on Windows 7 or 8, it’s almost guaranteed to run on Windows 10. Other changes in Windows 10 relate to included apps in the OS – now universally suitable for desktop or for larger Windows tablets. Additionally, Microsoft has dropped support of Windows RT, the OS designed to support smart phones and tablets using the ARM processor, which, by definition, meant that legacy desktop wouldn’t run under the Windows RT operating system.]]>