TurboProject v7 – Comprehensive Project Management Solution

TurboProject Professional v7 & TurboProject Expresss V7 offers the most comprehensive project management software tools in the market. You can create calendars, timelines and Gantt charts, assign resources and tasks and check them off within minutes.

  • Plan any project with ease – start with what you know and fill in the details later, makes horizon planning simple
  • Identify team members responsible – Know what everyone is doing and get early warning of resource conflicts.
  • Know the critical path – See where to focus your efforts to finish projects in the least time for the least cost.
  • Easy Gantt chart creation – Make a schedule with dates and critical path in minutes.
  • A single view of many projects— Get a combined view of multiple projects that share the same resources.
  • Publish to the Web, Word and Excel— Communicate your plan in a variety of sharable formats.
  • Extensive Reporting Options – Includes Earned Value, progress reporting and budgeting.
  • Intuitive Interface and Navigation— TurboProject is easy to learn and apply on the job.
  • Online Tutorials or On-Site Help— Convenient training options are always available.
  • Affordability and Value— TurboProject is a feature-rich program at an affordable price.

TurboProject Professional — the Enterprise Grade Comprehensive Project Management Solution.

From creating schedules to budgeting resources and activities, our enterprise project management software TurboProject Professional offers the most comprehensive project management software tools on the market. Create calendars, timelines, and Gantt charts in minutes, assign resources and tasks, and check them off as they get completed.

TurboProject Express — Intuitive, Easy to Use Project Scheduler.
Personal project management software for small projects. Ideal for individuals who need a simple project management solution to help stay on track. Task lists are easily scheduled for those who juggle multiple priorities.

TurboProject Comparison Chart

Top-down planning lest you start with what you know, then fill in the details as they become clear
Loose layout lets you organize activities & events independent of one another
Plan freely with unlimited Undo/Redo
Create schedules, timelines, and Gantt charts in minutes
Link activities, events, & sub-projects to highlight the critical path
Customize your work calendars
Property templates for presentation-quality output and ability to define views, shapes and formats of all you see
Adjust time-scale and font-zooming for easy printing
Publish to PDF for easy sharing
Publish to the web
Hierarchy structure groups resources by department, category, skill, & job description
Allocate effort-driving activities
Automatic warning if resources are over allocated
Select Headers/Footers in Print Preview
Split activities that must occur in a dependent segment
Schedule recurring activities automatically
Resource & Activity usage views
Display connections when sub-projects are collapsed
AutoFit to size columns in Tables
Control & format bar properties & templates
Control & format table properties & templates
Bar accessories (ranges)
Percentage complete updates with mouse
Import/Export enhancements
Copy project data & paste in Word/Excel/PowerPoint
Filter to allow sub-projects to be hidden
Export & Import Access files (.MDB format)
Week number (Europe) and fiscal (Ordinal) time scales
Information column shows resource information, date constraints & indicates whether a memo is present — at a glance
Define your own Tables, Bars, Profiles, spreadsheet properties, Templates, Bar Ranges, & Accessories
Multi-project planning